Athens Development and Destination Management Agency


The Athens Development and Destination Management Agency ADDMA SA, was established in September 1996 as a private enterprise with main shareholder the Municipality of Athens. Its goal is to develop activities and initiatives, as well as to provide services aiming at improving the quality of life in the cities. Its objectives are the improvement of social life and environmental conditions as well as the advancement of the economic, technological and cultural development of the cities.

ADDMA’s objective is to search for innovative approaches on urban designing and management, as well as to propose policies that will contribute to the economic development of the cities and their citizens, and to social cohesion. Apart from the Municipality of Athens shareholders of ADDMA’s are the Association of Attica Local Governments (TEDKNA), the Athens Chamber of Trade and Industry, the University of Athens and the Technical University of Athens.

ADDMA participates in national and international networks and cooperates with governmental and non- governmental organizations from Greece and abroad. It plans, organizes, controls and evaluates proposals regarding national, regional, European union and international programs and initiatives. Athens will be one of ROCK Role Model cities, exporting its regeneration models and experience to the Replicator Cities, in particular about CH accessibility and Democracy and Consultation Processes.