Athens School of Fine Arts


The Athens School of Fine Arts (A.S.F.A.) is a Higher Education Institution, operates as a self-managed Public Entity and consists of two Departments: Department of Fine Arts.

The basic training unit and virtually the “core” of the Department of Fine Arts is the art Studio, which, over the years, has become synonymous with the studies at and even the very identity of the A.S.F.A. To this day, the Department operates three (3) Postgraduate Studies Programmes (P.S.P.s), leading to the awarding of a “Postgraduate Specialisation Diploma” or Master’s Degree:

  • The “Master in Digital Art forms” P.S.P., since 1998.
  • The “Master in Visual Arts” P.S.P., since 2004.
  • The “Master in Plastics and Contemporary Art: Speciality Arts and Technologies” P.S.P., since 2012.

The Department of Art Theory and History seeks, on the one hand, to raise the quality level of the study of the Humanities in Greece, through researching and teaching Art History and Theory, and, on the other, to familiarize Greek citizens with their modern and contemporary cultural heritage. The discipline of Art History and Theory should be viewed as a specialized and clearly defined academic and professional orientation, in accordance with the highest international academic standards.

The research scope of this specific cognitive field – which is supported by a significant number of disciplines, such as Philosophy of Art, Aesthetics, Museology, History of Architecture, Anthropology of Art, Art Criticism and others – aspires to cover the sphere of European and Modern Greek civilization, but also to extend to other cultures, both ancient and modern. A.S.F.A., like the other universities and academic institutions linked to ROCK cities, will help to offer a comprehensive and integrated view of historic cities, together with their potentialities of sustainable growth.