Confindustria Servizi innovativi e Tecnologici


Confindustria Servizi Innovativi e Tecnologici (CONF) is the Italian Federation that represents the Business Service sectors in Italy, all those activities that enhanced by digitization, create and foster technological, professional, managerial, and organizational innovation. It represents 40 sector associations; 50 provincial associations. CSIT represents businesses that offer consulting services, advertising, public relations and marketing, computer technologies, digital contents, Culture Creative and museum services, engineering, internet, certification bodies, research and surveys, satellite applications, training, technological and professional services. Altogether all the above sectors are a very significant part of the economy representing 10% of the Italian GDP.

The federation is an important actor in policymaking at regional, national and European level and it is a recognized stakeholder by several ministries like the ministry of Culture and Tourism (MIBACT), Research and Education (MIUR), Environment and Industry. The involvement of CONF, in particular through its member association  ConfCultura, representing Italian companies specialized in museum and CH management, will ensure the application of an “entrepreneurial discovery”to the Rock project. CONF will also support the development of ROCK platform, in particular regarding business matching, supporting the creation of a virtual and actual marketplace with an ad hoc event of international dimensions, so that professionals of the cultural creative driven system can meet public and private cultural institutions and companies interested in investing in culture.

CONF will be also actively involved in the creation of a local ecosystem of stakeholders (Task 3.2 leader). The actions implemented will be then integrated in the Living Labs actions and in the Dissemination and Exploitation activities of ROCK (WP5-WP6) with the aim of involving all local actors active in the CH and urban regeneration sectors, in the green and recycling economies and in the sustainable mobility systems.