ROCK CONSORTIUM is built to cover the needed skills and value chain to successfully address the key objectives of the project, maximizing the impact at EU level and covering relevant stakeholders working in: Municipalities, Universities, SMEs and companies, associations, data managers & developers, dissemination & networks between EU cities, development and consulting groups, etc. The consortium size is justified by the complexity of the challenge, including 32 partners from 13 countries.

COORDINATOR: ROCK is coordinated by the Municipality of Bologna, that has gained a considerable experience in international and European research projects such as Civitas Mimosa.
All the Universities -ALMA MATER STUDIORUM - UNIVERSITÀ DI BOLOGNA, INSTITUTO DE CIENCIAS SOCIAIS DA UNIVERSIDADE DE LISBOA, TECHNISCHE UNIVERSITEIT EINDHOVEN; UNIVERSITY OF YORK, Ss. CYRIL AND METHODIUS UNIVERSITY IN SKOPJE, ANOTATI SCHOLI KALON TECHNON, VILNIAUS GEDIMINO TECHNIKOS UNIVERSITETAS VIESOJI ISTAIGA- with their interdisciplinary expertise, constitute the knowledge of the Consortium, offering comprehensive and integrated view of historic cities and their potentialities of sustainable growth.

Dissemination Networks as EUROCITIES and ICLEI act as an umbrella, to help co-ordinate all cities into a unified and focused force to support the sharing activities, and as a glue between the different municipalities involved.

Development and Consulting Groups -TASO, Athens Development and Destination Management Agency, URBASOFIA, FONDAZIONE FITZCARRALDO, ART-ER are the vision facilitators, helping the development of a unified vision and delivery plan for heritage-led regeneration, in compliance with RIS3 contributing to the creation of ROCK communities of practices.

SMEs and Companies ACCIONA, JULIES BICYCLE, Viabizzuno, DFRC, Virtualware are the innovators of the consortium engaged in brokering positive change in a sustainable way. They have a key role in the piloting and demonstrating activities.
Developers as Nowhere and Corvallis create a digital and interoperable tool to interconnect all ROCK actions and to manage all the data produced.

Industry Driven AssociationsConfindustria Servizi Innovativi e Tecnologici, Romanian Association for Electronic and Software Industry/Transilvania Branch, Spanish Green Business Association – represent a joined up proposition to national and international agencies which support the exploitation of ROCK results, their marketability and upscaling, acting also as funding enablers.

Municipalities groups. Role Model and Replicators Cities: the Role Model Cities contribute to the sharing phases and to the implementation of ROCK tools/measures, while the Replicator Cities will be proactive actors in the development of the demonstration activities, and improving their capacity building on heritage led regeneration.