DFRC AG is a high-tech SME located in Zug, Switzerland. DFRC is a leading centre of knowledge, research and development of geospatial data fusion. Its core business is analysing, understanding and finding new information in location database.

DFRC’s core technology (patent protected) focuses on understanding the behaviour of real-world objects using only small numbers of observations. DFRC has developed a wide range of solutions covering different domains such as worldwide maritime cargo traffic and visitor / customer behaviour within large premises. With its products and services, DFRC enables its customers to improve their business intelligence with knowledge about customer and visitor behaviours.

DFRC service includes

  • Tracking real world objects using only small amounts of measurements,
  • Embedded ambiguity and inconsistency resolution mechanisms,
  • Embedded Performance Monitoring and
  • Identification and detection of abnormal activities – emphasis on subtle, seemingly unnoticeable abnormalities within identified routine behaviour.

Within this domain, DFRC has developed a wide range of different solutions and applications, focused on creating situation awareness pictures and trend analysis within city-flows; DFRC has utilised its own sensors, called “LBASense” (as well as other data sources) to construct situation awareness pictures in specific areas.

DFRC offers solutions for franchise business intelligence, large event monitoring, smart city environments and even SAR missions based on several micro-UAV platforms. DFRC is operating three business lines based on its passive mobile device detector networks, the before mentioned “LBASense”.

  • The first business line focuses on provisioning analytics for large sites such as shopping malls, tourist attractions, cultural events, and other large infrastructures.
  • The second business line provides profiling information for application developers, including real-time notification whenever an application user is arriving nearby specific location.
  • The third business line is smart cities solutions. This business line provides information related to activity patterns and mobility patterns in large areas on a citywide scale. Data collected under the 3rd business line is currently provided as a service (DaaS), where the data consumer is able to access the data via API and receive near real-time information. DFRC’s solutions are currently deployed in several European cities and in South East Asia (mainly Singapore).

Those solutions are to be used in ROCK during the large scale demostrators in Replicator cities and implementation of Role Model initiatives (WP2, tasks 2.4 and 2.5).