Capitalisation and cross-fertilisation workshop

Workshop for ROCK cities

From 13th June 2018 to 15th June 2018

The objectives of the Cluj workshop are twofold:

  • Taking stock of the state of implementation processes in the ROCK cities, including living labs planning in Replicator cities and implementation of technological tools in Role Model cities;
  • Discussing cities’ further needs, wishes for collaboration and requested support as part of ROCK, and establishing a more concrete work programme to feed into these needs.

The workshop will be organised in such manner that both Role Models and Replicators could gather new ideas for the implementation/ demonstration phase, leading to improvements in their local context, as well as to the advancement and enrichment of their own practices related to cultural-led regeneration. The main output of the meeting will be the definition of a work programme with new activities organised by partners under a set of thematic clusters (especially linked to technologies implementation and to the relation between ROCK cities, in terms of common action plans, common activities, networking of actors, study visits, staff exchange, coaching, webinars, training sessions, toolkits, etc.). All cities will be involved in one or several clusters.

Between 13 and 15 June, URBASOFIA, Cluj-Napoca Municipality and ARIES Transylvania have organized a workshop for the 10 European cities (Athens, Bologna, Cluj-Napoca, Eindhoven, Lisbon, Liverpool, Lyon, Skopje, Turin, Vilnius) involved in H2020-funded ROCK project (, which was hosted in the city of Cluj-Napoca (Role Model City). The 1,5-day workshop was aimed at capitalising on the several activities conducted between Role Models and Replicators, as well as the diverse topics in a more integrated way. The meeting was envisioned as an exchange workshop of knowledge and practices combined with practical working methods (i.e. Knowledge market).

As a result, ROCK cities will establish closer links and working relations, leading to the development of a strong ROCK network of cities.

Special thanks to the partners involved: @EUROCITIES, @ICLEI. 

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Author: Draghia Miruna - URBASo