Fair of European Innovators in Cultural Heritage

Launch of the community of Innovators in Cultural heritage platform

15th November 2018

The Fair is a wonderful occasion to see how the EU is promoting research & innovation in cultural heritage, fostering creativity and new connections across countries. The event will build on the results of the 'Heritage and Innovation' conference and will focus on the next steps and contributions to the EU Action Plan on Cultural Heritage.

The latest innovations in cultural heritage will be showcased, with discussions on why they are developed and how they can benefit both the society and the market. The event will also promote stronger ties between R&I, policies and arts. The aim is to contribute to an open cultural heritage innovation ecosystem in Europe and beyond.

Participants will have the opportunity to join the 'Community of Innovators in Cultural Heritage' and its platform to engage with innovation providers, users and investors.

ROCK was selected to exhibit some of our innovations and will participate to a publication following the event,
entitled: 'Innovative solutions for Cultural Heritage' . The ROCK solutions that will be showcased are the following:

  • The Technical University of Vilnius (VGTU) will talk about the ROCK Video Neuroanalytics to reveal citizens’ perceptions and well-being.
  • DFRC will present the City People Flow concept – an application by LBASense implemented in H2020 ROCK cities.

More information on the event website.

Author: Cotel Kelly - ICLEI