A discussion on citizenship and the spatial planning process

From 5th December 2018 to 6th December 2018

Urban Center Metropolitano in Torino organizes an international symposium dedicated to City Agencies and Urban Think Tanks, in which scholars, policy-makers, practitioners, city- makers, and students as much as representatives from NGOs, cultural, admnistrative, political and funding institutions will be involved in a conversation concerning how is it possible for EU citizens to contribute to the definition of the agenda for the cities they live in, and to influence the shaping of EU policies for cities.

The conference comes after 2 years of intense wrok of EUCANET, the European City Agencies Network, a project co-funded by the Euripe for Citizens programme, involving Urban Center Metropolitano Torino, Fondazione per l'Innovazione Urbana Bologna, the City of Skopje, the Cluj Metropolitan Area Intercommunity Development Association and the City of Skopje.

The symposium will host a key-note speech, two main sessions and a number of practice-oriented workshops. During the conference, people and organizations gathered from all Europe will be involved in the delivery of a Policy brief summarizing the potentialities and possible new roles to be played by City Agencies and Urban Thinks Tanks, from proactively feeding local urban debate, to connecting local issues to the EU policy-making level, to strentgthening our common European urban culture.

Main sessions will be dedicated to “Pact of Amsterdam/EU Urban Agenda” and to “City Agencies as enabling tools” and will be structured as round tables opened by two introductory presentations. Two moderators will stimulate the debate between round table participants and collect the contents emerging from the discussion.

Workshops sessions aim to discover (in practice!) how City Agencies work in the shaping and accompanyment of the local debate. Powered by EUCANET partners and invited institutions, workshops will stimulate participants in reflecting upon the role and activities to be displayed by City Agencies to involve citizens and communities in the urban political process.  

Don't miss the ROCK workshop Living Labs and Urban Cultural Heritage Regeneration powered by EUROCITIES and URBASOFIA on 6 December in which the ROCK living lab aprroach will be explored to identify recommendations on how to set up “the ideal living lab”.

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Check the full programme of the EUCANET international conference. 

Author: Albarello Erica - Turin