synAthina - a new era of citizen engagement

Replication event. Lessons learnt.

21st February 2019

synAthina - a new era of citizen engagement

A replication event led by the synAthina team aiming at sharing and exchanging the synAthina methodology with other European municipalities. 

FEBRUARY 21, 2019

Serafio Sports, Culture & Innovation CenterPireos 160 & P.Ralli, Athens 118 54

09:15 Arrivals and coffee 09:45 Welcome

Amalia Zepou, Athens Vice Mayor for Civil Society and Innovation, Founder and project leader
of synAthina

James Anderson, Head of Government Innovation, Bloomberg Philanthropies

10:00 Introduction to synAthina
10:30 Sharing Approaches to Participation

We invite you to reflect on your city’s experiences

11:00 Comfort Break
11:15 Mini Workshops: Tools for Engaging Residents

Learn more about four practical approaches that are key to synAthina’s success

13:15 Lunch

13:45 Introduction to Kypseli Market

14:00 Study Visit: Kypseli Market

Bus provided to Kypseli Market and returning to Serafio Sports, Culture and Innovation Center

16:00 Shifting Working Cultures:

Towards an Open and Collaborative Approach

A conversation with wider Athens City colleagues, moderated by Sarah Gillinson, Chief Executive, Innovation Unit

16:30 Opportunities Ahead: How To Stay In Touch 16:45 Final Reflections and Next Steps
17.15 Closing Remarks
17.30 Finish

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Author: gkoutziouli katerina - ADDMA