Athens School of Fine Arts Citylab 2019_b

Symposium Workshop

From 25th September 2019 to 28th September 2019

Symposium - Workshop Citylab 2019_b:

Fear – Architecture - Art

The Citylab initiative is the main methodological tool to be tested in collaboration with ADDMA during ROCK implementation. It aims at knowledge innovation and sharing via art, architecture and urban design workshops and symposiums, grounded in theory, history, research and practice. Citylabs  explore interdisciplinary borders and experiment with art and architecture in the context of contemporary challenges for the city. Furthermore, Citylabs promote the dialogue on urban growth and development as a multi-faceted phenomenon through intensive, hands-on, experiential workshops, interventions, lectures and performances.

During the 8th Panhellenic Symposium-Workshop Citylab 2019_b, which will be held at the Athens School of Fine Arts between 25 and 29 September 2019, the notion of “fear” will be examined both as status quo in everyday social practice and as a creative force for sustainable architectural and artistic proposals.


Symposium Citylab: 26-27 September 2019 (DE CHIRICO HALL – FREE ENTRANCE).

Distinguished researchers from various disciplines (art, architecture, philosophy, law, sociology, psychology) will be discussing the notion of “fear” in order to motivate the students participating in the workshop and enhance the audience’s critical thinking.  


Workshop Citylab: 25-28 September 2019 (OLD LIBRARY HALL – REGISTERED STUDENTS ONLY)

Citylab 2019_b Workshop will deal with the notion of “fear” as a means of addressing current aspects of urban planning.


Thematic Tribute: 26 September 2019, 20:00 (DE CHIRICO HALL – FREE ENTRANCE).

This year’s thematic tribute is dedicated to the work of Anastasios M. Kotsiopoulos, renowned architect, professor emeritus at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and writer. His projects include the master plans for seven Greek universities and a series of public and private buildings. Two of these buildings (the University of Thessaly transitional building and the underground extension of the Aristotle University Main Library) have been selected by the Hellenic Institute of Architecture and the Deutsches Architektur Museum among the 130 most important buildings of the 20th century in Greece.


Citylab 2019_b Scientific Committee: Prof. Andreas Giacumacatos, Dr Panagiotis Pagkalos, Dr Kostas Papachristopoulos, Dr Stavros Alifragkis, Dr Nefely Kyrkitsou and Andreas Lazaris.


Invited Speakers/Tutors:

Stavros Alifragkis, Dimitris Antonakakis, Suzanna Antonakaki, Agelos Antonopoulos, Sofia Vidali, Ariadni Vozani, Andreas Giacumacatos, Nikos Demertzis, Aristotelis Dimitrakopoulos, Xristina Zarafonitou, Konstantina Kalfa, Lissy Kanellopoulou, Asimina Kaniari, Panagiota Karamanea, Nefeli Kyrkitsou, Anastastios M. Kotsiopoulos, Afroditi Maragkou, Aristea Marounda, Sarra Matsa, Renata Metheniti, Natalia Bazaiou, Nikos Belavilas, Anastasia Noukaki, Giorgos Xiropaidis, Panagiotis Pagkalos, Giorgos Panetsos, Apostolos Panos, Kostas Papachristopoulos, Vassiliki Roditi, Konstantinos Serraos, Manolis Simos, Eleni Tatla, Giorgos Triantafyllou, Vanessa Tsakalidou, Sofia Tsiraki, Dimitris A. Fatouros, Dimitris Filippidis, Antonis Chatzimoisis, Marianna Charitonidou.

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Author: Felidou Maria - ASFA