Cities & universities shaping local culture together

ROCK universities at EUROCITIES culture forum in Leeds

11th October 2019

In planning for the future city, universities and city leaders need to work together. As cities stand at the forefront of innovation in policy making and shoulder more responsibilities when it comes to global challenges, universities can support them by being their partners, their think-tanks, their talent suppliers, and their knowledge producers.

This is how ROCK partners work! The ROCK universities of Bologna and Eindhoven will share their experience of working with local authorities to shape local culture and cultural heritage policies during a workshop organised as part of the EUROCITIES culture forum in Leeds this October. 

The University of Bologna was founded in 1088 and is today the oldest university in Europe. The University and Comune di Bologna have a long history of collaboration, and both institutions have been working together on culture, cultural heritage and urban regeneration for a long time. This cooperation has been reinforced thanks to ROCK which is coordinated by both institutions together. ROCK in Bologna mostly focuses on the Zamboni area, the historical university district placed at the heart of the cultural city centre. Martina Massari and Rossella Roversi from UNIBO will tell us more. 

Smart institutions make smart cities: Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is a research university specializing in engineering science and technology. The university is using the city of Eindhoven as a playground for testing smart solutions developed in its wall. Eindhoven citizens are testers and actors of this giant urban Living Lab. Gamze Dane, assistant professor at the Technical University of Eindhoven will explain how the city of Eindhoven benefits from most of the innovative solutions that come out of the university labs.

photo credits: (c) Luis Albuquerque

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Author: Houpert Cecile - EUROCITIES