Sustainable cultural events in ROCK cities

Presentation from EUROCITIES at TER2020

From 1st July 2020 to 3rd July 2020

ROCK partner EUROCITIES has been invited to present the ROCK guide “Leave a Trace, not a footprint” at Territoires d’Evènements Responsables 2020 (TER), organised by Réseau Eco-Evenement, a French organisation based in Nantes.

Events are at the heart of ecological and societal transition policies because they make sustainable development desirable. More and more territories are developing a policy in favour of sustainable events. Through ROCK and its circular model of urban development, project partners seek to integrate a sustainable dimension in the preservation and renovation of the historic city centres and districts in which cities work. In this framework, EUROCITIES and Julie’s Bicycle have prepared a guide featuring good practices and recommendations from ROCK cities on how cities can reduce the environmental impact of cultural events.

During this event, EUROCITIES will present the work realised by ROCK cities in integrating the environmental dimension into their urban regeneration programmes. The discussion with other invited stakeholders - including the French Ministry of Sport, French cities and territories, and French stakeholders and initiatives active in the reduction of carbon footprint of local events - will be an occasion to share feedback with other territories, get inspired and build your own toolbox, explore cross-cutting issues with other public policies, and reinforce current policies and practices by relying on sustainable events in cities.

The TER 2020 will take place online on 1-3 July at 14.00-16.00 CET. The three online conferences will be completed with an onsite workshop in Nantes, on 15 October 2020. To learn more about the programme and speakers, visit the dedicated website.

To attend the TER 2020, please register here. Discounted admission fee for EUROCITIES members, please contact Dominique Béhar at The language of the event will be French.

Author: Houpert Cecile - EUROCITIES