Fondazione Fitzcarraldo
Fitzcarraldo Foundation


Fondazione Fitzcarraldo is one of the leading organizations on cultural, arts and media management and policies, based in Turin and active worldwide since 20 years. Fondazione Fitzcarraldo is an operative foundation focused on groundbreaking approaches in planning, research, consulting, training and documentation in the field of the arts and culture as a mean for local development policies and projects Cultural Heritage driven.

In ROCK project, Fondazione Fitzcarraldo will support the mapping activities sharing the data related with existing practices and successful cases in Cultural Heritage, collected over the last 20 years working in different territories at a national and international scale, and, in particular for the case of Torino, being member of the Piedmont’s Cultural Observatory.

Thanks to its experience in mentorship and technical support to cultural and creative companies, Fondazione Fitzcarraldo will be also involved as leader of the WP3 activities with the aim of promoting horizontal cooperation and a mix of top-down and bottom-up initiatives involving private players, citizens and public bodies.

By the study and the analysis of the urban regeneration processes launched by the ROCK project in the Replicator Cities, Fondazione Fitzcarraldo will also lead the definition of set of guidelines, tools and methodological indicators for the setting of different business models suitable and appropriate for different territorial contests and local players.