ROCK toolkit for urban storytelling online

Heritage-led urban storytelling

The ROCK place branding toolkit – showing how cultural heritage can be a driver for communicating the city of the future – is now available online at

Effective city branding tries to build a strong and powerful narrative, persuasive at a local and on an international scale. The main challenge is to find a better way to show the uniqueness and protect the legacy coming from the past as an asset for future urban development.

The ROCK place branding toolkit provides analysis, reflection, tips and guidance on how to better communicate the city through Cultural Heritage. It helps to identify the concepts and practices that can be used for constructing a consistent narrative of the historical European cities in a contemporary global context.

The stories of the city are there; they exist. But in many cases, they are hidden and disconnected; that’s why it is necessary to encourage a profound and honest reflection and debate on the issue within every city. After that, every city will have the opportunity of finding its own way following the guidelines that the toolkit offers as a reference.

Cities should be a collective platform for sharing information, knowledge and experiences. The bigger and smaller stories of the city should be recognisable, comprehensible and enjoyable for a wide range of citizens and visitors. They must record and inspire actions that help to build up a community and help in the design of a new urban future – greener, fairer and more democratic.

The ROCK place branding toolkit intends to provide inspiration in order to translate a more comprehensive perspective of Cultural Heritage into outstanding stories and captivating images able to catch the interest of not only visitors but also investors, innovators and the local population.

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Author: Rivero Luis - TASO