Call for the Municipal Theatre of Bologna

An International Call for Ideas to Renovate and Enhance the Municipal Theatre of Bologna

Renovating the Municipal Theatre of Bologna and the urban context in which it is situated is the €3,000,000 challenge launched by the City of Bologna in collaboration with Fondazione Teatro Comunale, Fondazione per l’Innovazione Urbana, Fondazione Rusconi and the Bologna Association of Architects. It is addressed to designers through the international call for ideas, ‘R-Accordi in Teatro’, which will remain open until 16 September 2019.

The object of the competition is to identify the best ideational proposal to renovate the theatre building, which runs along Via del Guasto. The project should improve theatre operations, satisfying some of its needs and specific activities as a theatre, and insert new functions in order to improve accessibility, especially for people with reduced mobility, and to expand the spaces for theatre personnel and performance services. The project will also redesign the internal and external public spaces of the building to create new relationships with the physical and social context of Via del Guasto, Largo Respighi, and the entire university district.

The intervention will start by addressing the potential and critical aspects of the area as they have emerged in the last two years from the experience of U-Lab under the European ROCK project . It will therefore redefine the theatre’s relationship with the university area, enhance the potential of its role as an ‘urban device’ capable of opening out to its surroundings, activating and maintaining new relationships over time with the physical and social context.

Prizes will be awarded to the projects that are most inspired by the idea of a contemporary theatre in a view
of greater openness to the city. Winning projects will also respect the need to protect and preserve the historical building, create a positive impact on the environment in terms of sustainability and contribute in general to improving the liveability of the university area.

The winners of first, second, and third place will be recognized with prizes of €12,000, €10,000, and €8,000, respectively. The City of Bologna may then entrust the winner of the competition with preparing the technical and economic feasibility project, the final design and working plan, and the coordination of safety in the design phase.
The call, financed under the Metropolitan Bologna Pact (Patto per Bologna metropolitana) – Development and Cohesion Fund (Fondo per lo sviluppo e la coesione) 2014-2020, will remain open until 16 September 2019. The competition will be held entirely online via the competition platform under the Bologna Association of Architects.

The announcement, attached documentation, and information for participation are available online at:

Author: Garofalo Mariangela - COBO