Thematic CH conference in Kavala, Greece

ROCK findings were presented in Kavala (Grece) by the project partner URBASOFIA. The event, titled “Getting Cultural Heritage Work for Kavala”, was organised by the city municipality and took place on 4 December.

The event addressed the question of how to get cultural heritage work for the sustainable and inclusive development of the city. Material and immaterial cultural heritage was considered in the analysis, and the concept was connected to the past, present and future realities in order to find new cultural identities. The ROCK project was presented as a good practice example by Dr Pietro Elisei, Urbasofia Managing Director. The presentation highlighted the three ROCK principles of heritage-led urban regeneration: Accessibility, Sustainability and New Collaborations. Furthermore, it showcased the particular case of Bologna, focusing on the integration of new tools and technologies to enable the mentioned principles.

During the event, local experts explained how the concept of  cultural heritage-led development is applied in the city of Kavala, demonstrated the vastitude of its material and immaterial cultural heritage, and analysed funding opportunities that could become a great opportunity for cities to valorise their heritage.

Author: Draghia Miruna - URBASo