Communicating changes sustainably

Third and last episode of ROCK Green Streams

Leave a trace, not a footprint! The third episode of ROCK Green Streams took us on the perilous roads of communication. How to best communicate about your sustainability actions and the climate crisis without being too boring or frightening to the audience? According to Lucy Latham from Julie’s Bicycle, who ran a training module during the episode, cultural institutions and events’ organisers should always follow the EAST rule with Easy, Attractive, Social and Timely messages.

Creative Carbon Scotland in Edinburgh and the Climate Journey in Malaga are both good examples of how you can communicate about the climate emergency while working with culture, arts and events. Creative Carbon Scotland exists since 2011 and started as a pamphlet of advice, then a branding scheme, then transitioned to a community of practice committed to collectively reducing their environmental impact. The network promotes the environmentally-friendly actions of Scottish cultural organisations and represents them and their interests. The Climate Journey began in Malaga and mostly has an educational purpose with the organisation of tours across cities to talk about the climate emergency. During the tours, visitors see the impacts of climate change, understand what the causes and connections are for these changes, and experience some solutions to deal with climate emergency, including how arts and culture can contribute.

This was the last episode of ROCK Green Streams, a free series of inspiring talks and presentations on how cities reduce the environmental impact of cultural events, streamed during the coronavirus situation. Stay tuned for more webinars coming up!

Watch episode 3 again below and here.

Author: Houpert Cecile - EUROCITIES