Digital Memory

Marvila and Beato Interpretative Center is already finished

Marvila and Beato Interpretive Center was finished in December. It is installed in the Marvila Library and contains two interactive digital devices: a timeline and a digital table.

In this equipment  it is possible to explore, in a playful and flexible way, several contents related to the history of the parishes of Marvila and Beato.

In the interactive table the research is done through a map with 140 points marked, each one with information (texts, photos and videos) about elements of the cultural, material and immaterial heritage, of the two parishes.

The contents now available were collected through a Participatory Inventory (in which the local community participated) and the exhaustive work of a team of historians.

Bearing in mind the current situation of confinement, this equipment can only be tried when the libraries open again.

Author: Teixeira Paula - Lisbon