First electronic magazine that will raise the quality of cultural life

"Skopje Cult" is the result of the idea that Skopje deserves a magazine that will raise the quality of cultural life. Cultural Information Center - Skopje announces the return of the informative character of the institution through the publication of the first electronic city cultural magazine, entitled "Skopje Cult".The magazine will be a guide to all cultural events in the city's cultural institutions in Skopje."Skopje Cult" is a bimonthly magazine, and the first issue focuses on cultural events for April and May 2022, and is available in electronic form. 

The magazine can be downloaded for free on KIC's social networks, on the following link:

In the current year 2022, five issues of "Skopje Cult" are planned, 4 bimonthly and one December issue, as a special retrospective issue.

Author: Kekenovska Lidija - Skopje