Moments from Skopje Summer Festival 2023

Skopje Summer Festival

Numerous musical events, exhibitions, theatrical performances and dance performances are held within the framework of the 44th edition of the "Skopje Summer" Festival 2023, which is held from June 21 to July 31, 2023.

A large number of domestic artists and artists from the region participated in this year's edition of the Skopje Summer Festival. The events of the festival took place in several locations in the city, including Suli an and Kurshimli an and other historical landmarks located in the Old Skopje Bazaar in the City of Skopje. This cultural content is equally interesting for all generations of visitors.

Skopje summer is synonymous with mass attendance and fullness with an active audience. The program that it offers dominates with quality and some of the content that the people of Skopje do not have the opportunity to see any other time.  Тhis year, the largest part of the program of "Skopje Summer 2023" will be dedicated to domestic performers, but the festival also opens its doors to international cooperation, so guests from Slovenia, America and the neighborhood are announced. The "Skopje Summer" festival is organized by the Directorate for Culture and Art.

You can see the entire program at the following linк:

Author: Kekenovska Lidija - Skopje